CP Archive: Weitz PCS Deadline Letter

Dear Bill Hornaday [Weitz Rocky Mtn president],

Here's what's coming next upon Weitz as of February 1, 2008.

Permanent Status: The Collaborators Project has determined that The Weitz Company will obtain Permanent Collaborator Status on January 31, 2008. I have committed my life to recruiting people, initially in Colorado, but then in Des Moines and elsewhere, to protest the homes of Weitz officials, both current and future executives, and to protest select subcontractors and high-dollar building sites, and to be at your homes as allowed by law through the year. We will protest especially on every major holiday, and we will continue for as many years as Planned Parenthood kills children in the facility you are preparing. Is the money you make on this deal, or the damage to your pride if you pull out, a worthwhile price to pay for the next twenty years of targeted abortion protests?

January 31, 2008: We will not allow Weitz to mostly complete the project, and then make a pretend gesture of quitting the job, in hopes of manipulating the protesters into quitting. We expect that Weitz and Planned Parenthood exaggerated to the media the length of the project, so that even if we succeed in slowing down the construction by a couple months, they can still claim to have finished on time. Therefore, we have determined that Weitz will have crossed the line of no return by February 1, 2008. Unless you pull out and stop all work on this child-killing facility by January 31st, we will designate Weitz with Permanent Collaborator Status.

50,000 Arrests: My inspiration comes from those who have spent decades of their lives to stop an injustice. In 1989 when I was six, a handful of Colorado pro-lifers met outside Denver's main abortion mill and determined to launch a five-day-a-week protest there for as many years as Planned Parenthood is there killing kids, and they have missed less than ten days in almost twenty years. My inspiration comes from the medical students who refuse to become abortionists because of the decades of relentless abortion home protests. My inspiration comes from all those who invested their lives to correct injustice: from Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad; from world-renowned hero William Wilberforce for decades of relentless effort to stop slavery; from the 50,000 Christians arrested at abortion clinics nationwide in the 1990s for their non-violent civil disobedience; and from hope that the next generation of pro-lifers will catch the vision of the Collaborators Project and not permit child-killing with tranquility.


  • What will you tell the future executives whom you interview about the quality of life working for Weitz?
  • You have no advertising banners at your abortion site, but will you and your subs advertise at future sites?
  • When prime customers request bids on their biggest contracts, what will you offer them to offset the abortion protests you will bring to their job site and sales offices?
  • Have you done market analysis to determine if high-end customers for condos, retirement communities, business facilities, golf courses, will be as eager to buy and lease properties that come with targeted abortion protests?
  • Have you done the risk management analysis in-house, or have you hired a consultant, to assess our ability to fulfill the long-term commitment of designating Weitz with Permanent Collaborator Status and its impact?
  • Have you considered the loss of value to Weitz stockholders and potential lawsuits for reckless disregard of virtually certain negative impact on the Weitz name and future business? Have you considered the audio recordings we have made of every phone call and meeting, and the paper trail of every letter and email, that we will provide to any such plaintiff?
  • By the year 2010, as Weitz realizes what Permanent Collaborator Status means, will full disclosure laws require you to notify your biggest prospects of the attendant abortion protests coming both during and after construction?
  • In which industry publications will you present your case, that The Weitz Company brings more than just abortion protests to their jobs?

Pride comes before a fall. Humility brings peace. You decide.

Will Duffy
Founder, Collaborators Project